Prop Warehouse is your source for custom made props for dance teams and drill teams.

We can turn your props ideas into reality with solid construction and durable materials. If you would like your props custom built but are not able to pay the full price, consider renting them for almost half of the cost. We can also deliver these props to you. You may have seen some of our innovative custom props and stage sets used in performances by the Kilgore College Rangerettes or other great teams at regional and national competitions.

Kilgore Rangerettes Train Prop

Click here to view contact paper samples that can be used to add sparkle and impact to your new props and stage sets.

custom props
Side, front, and open view of Barbie Case, custom prop sample

Place your order for custom built props now! Orders must be placed within a two month period. Once you submit your order online, we will contact you for specifics such as dimensions, functionality, delivery needs, etc. Please have these specifics so we can meet your needs.


OAP UNIT SET (Individual Prices)

1’x1’ Platform (4) $55 each
4’x4’ ramp (2) $110 each
4’x4’ platform (2) $115 each
4’x8’ platform (2) $155 each
4’ pylon (2) $150 each
6’ pylon (2) $175 each
8’ pylon (2) $200 each
2’ step unit (2) $120 each
4’ step unit (2) $145 each
Bi-fold flat (4) $215 each
Tri-fold flat (4) $270 each
Complete 28 piece Unit Set for $4,500.00

Need extras? We have those too!!!

Single Door Unit $250.00
Window Unit $320.00
French Door Unit $500.00
Stair Rail w/Ballisters $250.00

All unit sets are painted with American Traditions light gray porch paint.

entertainment center
Entertainment Center

Team Signs

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